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Are you looking for the best way to export and import your goods around the globe?

SAG logistic is one of the leading logistics and air freight companies in Dubai. We can transport your goods efficiently and safely to different locations around the globe. SAG logistic can assist you to handle all air freight cargo, and ship your cargo Airport-to-Airport, door-to-door, or anywhere in between.

We can coordinate smooth, efficient air freight movements of your goods with the assistance of network SAG logistic offices around the globe and our specialist’s network partners. Your goods will be transported in an efficient and experienced manner, thus reducing your costs. Based on your business and schedule, we offer high-quality air freight shipping services.

Monitoring and handling the shipment of your goods. Providing you with timely information and delivery. SAG logistic is flexible, has access to all airports around the world, and is supported by brilliant coordination between our teams.

Our Services :-

• Air freight of general import and export shipments.
• Air Consolidation.
• Luxury car shipping by Air.
• Hazardous and Refrigerated goods shipping by Air.
• Full and Part charter Services.
• AIR-SEA and SEA-AIR shipments.
• International Courier (Express) and Door to Door cargo.
• Packing, Crating and Labor.
• Customs clearance and documentation.
• Arrangement of Export/Import Documentation
• Transport insurance.
• Online tracking.

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A Guide to Air Freight Company: Everything Exporters/Importers Need to Know 

Most of the International trade involves cargo transported by sea, with only 0.5% by air. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that this small volume of air cargo accounts for 35% of global trade-in value or $6 trillion. Air carriers are well-known for their speedy delivery and quick transit times. This is why the general rule of shipping is to ship urgent, time-sensitive cargo via air.

Two terms are commonly used when talking about air shipping: air cargo and air freight. Both terms are incorrectly used interchangeably. According to the business dictionary, air cargo is goods that are transported by aircraft and air freight is goods that are transported in the air.

We Provide First Class Air Freight Forwarding Services in UAE

 Air Freight companies in UAE

The best Air freight forwarding companies in dubai can ensure that your package can be dispatched according to your schedule and comfort, assisting you to avoid the warehousing cost of the goods. Air freight needs lighter packaging than the bulkier ones for land and sea, which further decreases freight costs. Due to high security at airports and shorter transit times, the insurance premium on air freight is considerably lower than other transit modes.

Managing and monitoring your goods’ physical and online shipping, providing you with up-to-date details, and timely deliveries comprise air freight. We at Sag Logistics are adjustable and ship worldwide with an awe-inspiring network because of our teams’ brilliant coordination also If you required any IOR services, then SAG Logistic is a one-stop solution for all your IOR needs.

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Steps To Complete The Air Shipping Procedure

Getting to know the procedures of air freight begins at the source. That is, by demand for goods and placing an order. Once you have decided whether or not air freight is a good choice for your business or manufacturer, you can start the process.


      • Items can be shipped by completing a contract between the airline company and consignor through air freight companies in Dubai. This specifies the general conditions of completion of the shipment.

      • After the air cargo companies in dubai receives the shipments and has prepared the transport document “airway bill”, it will send them to the airport. This document contains all information about the shipments including their weight, size, and type, as well information about the shipper and freight forwarder. It also includes information about the consignee, his name, and his address. You will also find information about the departure and arrival airports, the delivery date, the duration of the shipping process, and the delivery of the shipment to the consignee.

      • All documents required to allow goods to pass through airports must be handed over by the consignee.
      • The airline will notify the consignee about the shipment’s arrival at its destination. They will also hand over the airway bills and deliver the goods to the consignor in the same condition as they left them. In the event of damage to the shipment, compensation will be paid to either the sender or the consignee.


    Air Freight companies in UAE :- Sag logistic is a modern digital freight forwarding company that makes use of the latest freight forwarding technologies to provide customers in the UAE with the most advanced shipping solutions.

    • Air freight companies in Dubai :- Air freight is a perfect way of transportation for you if timely delivery is your topmost concern. It is feasibly the quickest and the most reliable method of transporting goods from one destination to another. Here are the advantages of air freight:

      1. Worldwide coverage – With air freight service, customers’ help can transfer their cargo to nearly every country across the globe. Air freight is a preferred way for cargo transportation in most parts of the globe, which assists clients to ship their products by air to any global location without any difficulty.
      2. The quickest shipping – Air freight is the quickest shipping way that offers customers convenient shipment of their cargo. Air freight is much quicker than sea freight, making it a perfect choice for clients worried about the timely transportation of their cargo.
      3. Trustworthy and secure transit – The security level is feasibly the most eminent in air shipping because the cargo’s security is regulated and managed by airport security staff. It overcomes the danger of fraud of cargo to a simple minimum.
      4. Extremely reliable service – Safety is not an issue with air freight because commercial flights match their plans rigorously to make sure timely transportation of cargo from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to anywhere in the globe. The whole supply chain is strictly controlled, and all needs are carefully handled to offer the greatest levels of reliability in air freight delivery.
      5. Limited need for warehousing– The need for warehousing for cargo administration decreases outstandingly with air cargo transportation. Air shipping makes sure quick transition times, which reduces the requirement for warehousing or storing freight products in stock for a more extended duration.

    Air freight is more expensive than ocean transport, but it also gets your shipment to its destination quicker. The amount you pay to move your freight age dramatically varies depending on the cargo’s features. Weight and size matter, but the margin of cost between ocean freight and air freight narrows as your cargo’s weight lessens.

    Airfreight is a part of the complete and proficient system created to guarantee that your products will be conveyed on time and with zero mistakes. Sag logistic accomplices with carriers and freight forwarders in Dubai to provide consistent airfreight answers for customers universally. Our air shipping companies in dubai arrangements provide the ideal consistency within time, place, recurrence, and expenses. Our air freight Dubai terms include all real trading focuses and consolidates flexibility with rate and respect to offer clients a preferred observable standpoint.

    We know your requirements for more durable delivery by air freight services in UAE. Our extremely experienced staff worries about your commodities as much as you do. Our team will prepare and manage each part at every step, so your commodities arrive as securely and rapidly as possible. This comprises preparing all the organizational work, documentation and paperwork before and after the flight.

    Whether it is direct or consolidated freight, small packages or large freight comprising dangerous goods, Sag logistic can manage your air freight requirements. Our global network of offices and reliable partners can ensure the delivery of any freight anywhere in the world. Our highly professional team assists our customers in choosing the most effective freight forwarding solutions regardless of volume. 

    SAG Logistic is a market-leading international freight forwarding companies in Dubai. We provide a full range of logistics solutions for companies worldwide. Our company’s reputation for service excellence is based on unrivaled local knowledge, world-class infrastructure, and highly competent and motivated staff. We are a reliable freight forwarder who understands how important it is to deliver your cargo safely and on time.SAG Logistic Provides fast and efficient logistic solutions to its customers worldwide with their honest and trustworthy team members.

    Many airlines fly to and from Dubai, making it economically viable for product import and export management. SAG logistic is a knowledgeable and experienced partner that can help you access a variety of air freight services.

    SAG logistic is well-known as one of Dubai’s top air freight forwarders. We do more than easily ship your products onto an airplane. We offer international air freight and expedited air freight services to many countries around the globe. Customers with high volumes of business that require time-critical delivery are well-suited to our air freight services.

    Our specialist’s team can assist you to choose the right carrier for your transportation. In addition, we offer comprehensive information about air freight shipping companies. We have a team of experts who have extensive experience in air freight. They will explain the options to you and assure your necessities are met promptly.




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