Import Cars To UAE

Import Cars To UAE

SAG Logitic is one of the best companies which help you to Import Cars To UAE. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to importing cars to the UAE to the UK. SAG logistic meets all your needs in car shipping to the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom; we offered great services in car shipping at the lowest costs. Only the best will do for safe and expert global car shipping services when looking to ship a vehicle overseas securely.

The procedure of shipping cars to the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom is very simple and should not take longer than required. When you work with an expert car shipping company like SAG logistic, the procedure becomes even simpler since you do not have to worry about most logistics. We assisting numerous individuals in importing their cars to UAE; you too can benefit from our services if you allow us to work with you.If you required any IOR services, then SAG Logistic is a one-stop solution for all your IOR needs.

How To Import Cars To UAE

Do you have a favorite vehicle that you would like to take you to the UAE, or perhaps you are previously here and have one back home however don’t know how to import it? We are here to assist you with all the data you need about importing a car into UAE.

Firstly, those new to UAE require to know that we drive on the left-hand side (the steering wheel is located on the left of the cabin). Vehicles from nations that have the steering wheel on the other side cannot be registered in the UAE. You will also require to be a licensed UAE citizen as a regional visa, and a local driving license is required.

One can Import UAE cars that must be no less than ten years old; for cars older than ten years, you will have to verify with roads and Transport Authority (RTA) before transportation. Before going to the import location, ensure you have the following documents:

  • Original invoice of your car to verify residence and value
  • Certificate of Origin to verify where the car was made
  • Your original passport, driving license and visa
  • Original shipping receipt
  • Cash or cheque to pay customs fees.

Best Agents to Imports Cars to UAE

Our expert services and excellent prices make us the more reasonable to ship any kind of vehicle on a budget. Our devotion and dedication make sure that your vehicle is transmitted onboard only to the best vessel using the most acknowledged companies. Sometimes the process of bringing your car into the country from the port can be a bit complex, especially the clearing process. We take pride in our service and are dedicated to obtaining the work done in a convenient, effective way at a reasonable cost.

As a completely authorized and protected worldwide car shipping company, we are capable of providing the secure cargo of any vehicle across positively. We retain the services of the most qualified, well-known freight lines over the business that intuitively known how to take care of any vehicle, that can protect it either onto the transport itself below deck or immediately into a container every time. This specialist’s method enables us to be positive in understanding that your vehicle is in the most reliable hands at all times.

Import cars to UAE from UK is comparatively simple because of the smaller distance between the nations. Most of the problems originate from the paperwork and after the car is arrived at the port, however no need to bother. We are there to assist you throughout the whole process. We can assure you of the reliable transportation of any vehicle you import with the help of us. We will keep you updated on each step of the procedure so that you will always understand what is moving on.

The procedure of Import UAE cars is very clear, especially when you work with an expert car shipping company that has been working in the shipping field many times and assist the huge number of people to import their cars to the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom. When Import cars to UAE, our experienced team will guide you through all the procedure, paperwork and information to make sure a stress-free experience. We have regulated customs brokers and know the quirk of UAE import and export customs formalities.

Duty When Import Cars to UAE From UK

Imports are payable under VAT. When an individual registered under VAT in the UAE imports assets or services, the shipper has to pay VAT on imports on a reversed price base. This is in addition to customs duty imposed on imports. The outlines of import can be classified as follows:

  • Import by individuals listed under VAT
  • Import by individuals not registered under VAT
  • Products trans-shipped via UAE to other GCC nations
  • Products are imported to UAE and exported to other nations.

On imports, a VAT rate of 5 % will be appropriate. The only exemption is the import of valuable metals, on which a VAT rate of 0% is applicable. The percentage of the VAT relevant on imports is managed the equivalent as the VAT rate relevant on domestic supplies to make sure that imports are charged fairly as domestic supplies.


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