What is Consolidated Shipping & Why Is It Important ?

Consolidated shipping is an excellent method for saving money on shipping without sacrificing schedule. If you want to know what is consolidated shipping then here we provide you with a complete guide. It is well worth the effort to consolidate shipments, even though it is more labor-intensive than shipping a full truckload. For most companies, especially smaller ones like eCommerce sellers, consolidating shipping is essential. Companies can benefit from consolidating their shipping by getting better rates and shipping more frequently and to more locations.

When multiple LTL items are combined into a container shipment, it is called a consolidated shipment. Shipping consolidation benefits shippers by allowing them to obtain the best rates and optimizing supply chain logistics by reducing time and costs.

Shipments that are smaller or can be packaged and shipped together in one container are ideal for consolidation shipping. Shippers often consolidate shipments that arrive from different locations and suppliers so they won’t have to pay a higher rate for each one. 

We hoped to clarify the term consolidated shipping and its relationship to the freight industry in order to help explain why it’s important. To accomplish this, we’ve outlined a few potential challenges and benefits.

Benefits of Consolidated Shipping

Cost-efficient:- According to some shippers, this is the most effective advantage of consolidation. You will typically still be charged for the whole trailer even if you only utilize half or two-thirds of it. The process of consolidation permits you to connect multiple LTL shipments traveling within the same physical area into a single FTL shipment based on the space taken up by the freight.

Reduced damage risk:- In spite of all the advances in freight shipping, damaged freight remains an issue. Shippers typically use the process of consolidating shipping because it is not just more cost-efficient, but also considerably reduces managing since freight just travels from the shipper to the consolidation center to the receiver/consignee. By reducing the number of points of contact, the risk of impaired goods is greatly reduced. 

Improved quality control:- Consolidating your business also gives you better control of your goods. The timeline of delivering the product is no longer in your control if quality managing informs you that there is an issue with the payload after it has been shipped. If the supplier cannot send a replacement, then you must wait for the supplier to do so. The process of consolidating lets you start performing quality control measurements once the product has arrived at the warehouse, which decreases the chance of unforeseen issues delaying your order.

Things to Check to Best Advantages from Consolidated Shipping

Best Advantages from Consolidated Shipping

Consolidation of packages is a service offered by many courier companies. Others specialize solely in packaging and consolidating shipments. Whenever you are unable to consolidate a shipment and intend to turn to a specialized company, check out these tips:

  • Re-packaging options – There are companies that unpack the boxes, dispose of the packaging materials, and pack the items into one larger package. Another company places all the smaller boxes into one larger one without removing the contents.
  • Dimensions of the box – If a company will only provide packaging services for your product and not shipping services, make sure that the sizes of the boxes they use are within the limits acceptable by the courier service provider whose services you are utilizing.
  • The time necessary to consolidate a shipment – Plan your shipping accordingly by knowing how long it takes to consolidate a shipment.
  • Delivery address – Ensure that all items are sent to the same address. If you need to ship packages to multiple addresses, you may need to choose the multiple package shipping service.
  • Consolidating photos – Is photos taken during the consolidation process? In the event that the package is damaged or lost during transit, this is the best proof to have. Take all precautions. If you have concerns about how consolidated shipments are handled by the company, you can ask them if they can take photos and provide you with the proofs.

An Overview of Consolidated Shipment Delivery and its Meaning

  • Consolidated shipments services can save you a lot of money. Handling fees apply to every package. As a result, even if a package weighs only 0.5 kg, the associated handling costs may be the same as for a package weighing 20 kg. When you multiply the cost by the number of packages, the final cost will certainly surpass that of shipping one big shipment. By consolidating shipments, the minimum charge per package is eliminated.
  • Consolidated shipments avoid paying duty. The shipment of brand items in separate boxes could indicate an item of value that must be declared to customs. The only way to prove the parcel’s value is through an invoice if it is repacked in an unbranded box

Consolidation Service Options :-

  • Air:- This method involves sharing space on an aircraft among shipments from multiple shippers. Each international courier services in Dubai has its own house waybill in addition to the master waybill. In this way, cargo is organized. Consolidated airfreight is extremely fast and will deliver your shipment in the shortest amount of time. Consolidated air freight is more expensive than ground shipping. Airfreight is typically the most expensive way to ship goods.
  • Ocean:- Shipments of large items are best handled by ocean freight. Containers are used to ship ocean freight of various sizes, and LCL cargo is placed inside these containers. It is cheaper to ship by the ocean than by air, and it is a great way to ship internationally.
  • Land:- LCL shipments using this method are most commonly called LTL shipments. In order to create full truckloads, these shipments are combined with smaller shipments that cannot fill a truckload all by themselves. Inexpensive but slow ground shipping is the method most likely to be delayed.

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