IOR EOR Services In Saudi

IOR EOR Services In Saudi

SAG logistics offers smooth and trouble-free IOR EOR services in Saudi services to industry leaders in the technology space seeking to simplify their international business logistics. We are the expertise in import and export compliances and help our customers in shipping their networking goods across the world. We are established to meet international traders’ needs by offering a single organization to fulfil all their Importer of Records (IOR) and Exporter of Records (EOR) needs.

Our wealth of experience and team of compliance experts will make you’re importing and exporting experience completely trouble-free, allowing your business to concentrate on doing what you do best while we enable you to get international success as your partner for global business. We offer a complete solution for the movement of high value, large scale technology components permitting your organizations to unlock significant value for development into new markets when benefiting from substantial supply chain efficiencies.

We act as both an importer of record service and Exporters of Records. Along with this we also offer the Dubai to KSA shipping service. This means that we import and export goods on behalf of our customers in all over the globe. We have extensive knowledge of the compliance process and import-export regulation and work hard to clear your goods quickly and easily in even the most notoriously technical and difficult countries. We manage everything getting the licenses and permits, filling the documentation, paying the duties and taxes we do it all for you.

What is IOR and EOR ?

An importer and exporter of the record is the entity in charge of transporting goods in compliance with all the country’s federal import and export regulations. In other words, your IOR EOR service provider will be the legal representation you require in the country you are exporting to or from, in order to make sure the entire procedure runs as smooth as it can.

Responsibilities Of IOR EOR services 

In order to handle and supervise import and export operations, IOR/EOR comprise direct responsibilities as:

  • Classifications and valuation of the merchandise before the import
  • Overall review of the export processes
  • Compliance of the destination/ source country regulations
  • Presenting the particular declarations to government agencies
  • Paying all the taxes upon international trade
  • Prepared all the needed documentation

To import and export any products, it is required to have an authorized business or a legitimate entity in the place or source entity. IOR EOR Services in Dubai can pretend this role by taking the duty of import/ export methods and all consequent taxes until the delivery is accomplished. The government officially recognizes them as part of a shipment transaction. Importer and Exporter of Records make sure compliance with all necessary regulations and statutes to deal with a new country. These services also enable clients to export warranty or replacement stock to other countries, with the extensive freight network globally, SAG logistics can easily offer all these IOR/EOR assignments.

Reliable IOR EOR Services for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Numerous governments sanctioned note the Importer of record (IOR) as the owner or purchaser of the products being imported into a country. The Importer of record (IOR) can, in fact, be the owner, buyer or a customs agent with the conventional sanction.

  • Same as, the exporter of record (EOR) is an export where parts or products were installed and used, that now requires to ship to another country for repair, inventory re-balancing, and many more.
  • Conventional sanctions can also be assigned to an agent to act as the EOR for a company.
  • SAG logistics, within our extensive associate network, can give IOR/EOR services notwithstanding of whether or not if our client has a setup entity or not in the country where they want to do business.
  • The IOR/EOR is acknowledged as the official party of an international freight transaction by the governments.
  • Importers and Exporters of Record are services set up to offer a single organization to fulfil international traders needs. IOR/EOR make sure faster, simpler and more reliable importing/ exporting globally.
  • The company that offers Importer and Exporter of Records services can be the owner or the purchaser/seller of overseas merchandise.

IOR EOR services in KSA

SAG logistic team of experts will make your importing and exporting experience completely trouble-free, enabling your business to focus on doing what you do best when we allow you to get international success as your partner for global business. IOR EOR services in KSA understand the need of the global trading community to have a reliable and exclusive organization to be their IOR as well as EOR to make sure they can easily expand cross border without the hindrance of set up legal entities in each country they want to operate.

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Reasons Why Choosing Reliable IOR EOR services in Saudi

Reasons Why Choosing Reliable IOR EOR services in Saudi
  1. It will save you from having to set up legal representation in the country – When you hire a freight forwarder that does not provide IOR EOR services as part of their services, you will require to either has a legal representation in the country you are exporting to or from, or outsource this service.
  2. Adaptation of freight customs clearance – A company that gives IOR EOR services normally has a broad network of relationships across the globe. SAG logistics is able to serve your import and export methods over the globe.
  3. Payment of all export duties and taxes- Choosing a company that provides IOR EOR services will also offer you the fulfill infrastructure to ship and store your cargo if required. At SAG logistics, we take responsibility for the payment of any import and export duties, taxes, and customs fees ad won’t have any unfortunate surprises with an additional cost.

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