Luxury car shipping by air to Dubai

Do you need a reliable company to ship your car in Dubai? We specialize in Luxury car shipping by air to Dubai, UAE. You may be shipping your favorite car for your vacation or permanent relocation; we are experts do the procedures according to your requirement. You can ship a regular or luxury vehicle. Our team has the expertise to arrange the arrangements. We either lashed the car in an aircraft for air freight, or we secure the container for sea freight.

SAG Logistic is a trusted car shipping Dubai company. We help our customers to ship their goods from UAE to any worldwide destinations by sea, air, and land through the most reputable carriers. Logistics is an Auto Transport Dubai company that takes pride in offering a wide range of shipping methods for all our customers, at the best rates, delivering globally to and from Dubai. We make sure that our work is carried out by their team of highly trained drivers who will be able to load, unload and secure your vehicle before taking it to its new destination

We specialize in shipping classic cars and racing cars, which the shipping is custom-made for the move from the destination to the origin. Your dedicated team manager will provide personalized service, starting with the planning documentation, and ending with delivery of your vehicle to its destination. Luxury cars are often air freighted by incompetent air carriers, but can also be prepared in a container for sea freight depending on your requirements.

Container sea freight is the most cost-effective method of shipping cars. Ro-Ro ships, which are large vessels that are designed for vehicles and heavy equipment only, are not suitable for passengers. You can also transport your personal effects in the same container that you ship the car. You can fit one or more cars in the container depending on which container you choose.

However, Air frieght is the fastest way to ship your car. We have been shipping cars in air freight for more than 10 years. We make it simple to transport a single vehicle or entire freighters for bulk orders. For vehicles of high value, car shipping from Dubai via air can be cost-effective.

SAG logistic has earned the reputation of being a leading luxury car shipping by air to UAE thanks to its exceptional customer service. Every stage of the car shipping process is important to us. We offer our services at reasonable and affordable rates to ship your car from Dubai to any destination.

Document Required to Luxury car shipping by air to Dubai

You will need to have the proper paperwork and documentation in order to ship a car abroad. SAG logistic handles this backend work on behalf of the customer to ensure the quick transportation of the car. The process is carried out by dedicated specialists who gather the necessary information from the customer and then process it.

  • A copy of your passport
  • Passport copy with a photo of a residence visa
  • A copy of the diplomatic card (diplomats).
  • Permit to reside
  • Original/express bill to lading
  • Authorization letter
  • Title/Copy of the certificate of origin/registration cards from the origin
  • Country vehicle certificates must include a detailed description including engine number, production year, colour, and so on.
  • A copy of the purchase invoice and commercial invoice
  • Proof of ownership

Our Advantages

  • Our experienced team will help you navigate the process of Shipping a Car to UAE.
  • We are licensed customs brokers who understand the complexities of UAE export and import customs formalities.
  • We also offer an Air Freight Service, which offers a smoother and faster journey for your vehicle.
  • We can ship any type of vehicle, including classic or vintage cars, family cars, SUVs, and prestige brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari, to Dubai by air or sea.
  • All customs procedures can be arranged by our Dubai UAE car shipping agents to ensure delivery to all major ports, cities, and towns within the UAE
  • SAG logistic offers quality car shipping services to major cities around the globe at reasonable rates and in the shortest possible transit time.

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Shipping your Luxury car by Air to UAE is easy with SAG logistic

Shipping cars begins the moment you access our website. The next step is to provide details about your transport plan. Our experts will review your information and provide a free quote. We offer quality service at an affordable price. After the customer is satisfied with our offer, we move on to the documentation phase. Our document executives will follow the rules and regulations for the shipping process to complete this step.

Our team will then collect the car and transport it to the warehouse. This will ensure that the car is safe while in transit and during handling. It will be determined which mode of transport is required and then safely returned to the customer. This is how car shipping services work.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Dubai?

Shipping a Car to UAE is dependent on several factors. These include the distance, container size, shipping method, and many other factors. The distance from Dubai to the destination of the car is a major factor in setting the shipping cost. Shipping costs can be affected by the space that the vehicle takes up on the vessel. This is dependent on the make and type of the car.

The import policy of the destination country also affects the rates. If a country has a closed economy, they might charge more to luxury car shipping Dubai. However, an open economy will allow for more flexibility in the import process. The rates will depend on what you choose.

Why should you trust SAG logistic?

SAG logistic provide the best car shipping & ior shipping services to customers. We have a reputation for exceptional on-time delivery and safe and secure handling. Smart paperwork is also available at comparatively low rates. We are the best in the car shipping business because of our experience and expertise.

Our dedicated team of luxury car shipping company in Dubai works tirelessly to ensure reliable carrier efficiency as well as improved accountability. Every car shipping transaction we do is safe and secure. Customers can track their cars in transit via the customer center.

Luxury Car Shipping Services By SAG logistic


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