Top 10 Major Ports in Dubai, UAE

The UAE has invested its prime technology and minds in building the infrastructure which has consequently modern ports and airports making the UAE a center for ports in Dubai and UAE. The strategic location of the country as well as its history as a commercial hub and the wealth of hydrocarbon resources have also assisted the nation to become one of the appeals for the traders. Their continued development has supported building them as an international hub of maritime trade.

Here is the List of Major Ports in Dubai, UAE 

1. Port Khalifa – Abu Dhabi 

Port Khalifa is one of the biggest deep-water harbors in the world. Currently, this is under construction and set the target is to be done by 2030. This is part of the KIZAD that servers Abu Dhabi and Dubai and stretches out to sea on a reclaimed island. The Industrial Zone comprises more than 400 square Km and produces remarkable cargo and container traffic.

Port Khalifa is set the target of replacing cargo functions from Mina Zayed and has already started managing container vessels diverted from Port Zayed. The port will have a 7.4 km quay, 22 container berths, 63 general cargo berths, and 6 dry bulk berths. This is completely furnished with customs, inspections, immigration, and protection services. The port has emphasized technology and automating the infrastructure.

2. Al Hamriya 

The Al Hamriya port is a conventional cargo gateway to the province. Through this port, majorly non-containerized cargo is shifted, between India and Dubai, Eastern Africa, and The Arabian Gulf province. Breakbulk vessels, traditional dhows, and roll-on roll-off ships – all are able to enter the port.

A big quarantine amenity creates it perfect as a terminal for the import of livestock. This can even give berthing amenities to around 200 fishing vessels at a time. Another major trading activity through this seaport is utilized for trading.

3. Port of Jebel Ali 

One of the popular ports in the country is the port of Jebel Ali. This is deemed as one of the biggest manmade harbors throughout the world and its container supports one of the largest between Rotterdam and Singapore. Port of Jebel Ali ranks 9th biggest container port globally which has a yearly ability of 21.1 million containers. The port of Jebel Ali has a general cargo terminal feature as well as a container terminal.

Certain people call this port Dubai’s gateway to the world as exporting & importing of products typically take at the seaport itself. The port of Dubai was formed in the late 1970s to supplement the factors at Port Rashid. The ports of Dubai are powered by a high degree of specialization in the storage and managing of all types of cargo for shipping.

4. Port of Fujairah 

The port of Fujairah started functions in 1983. Since then, the port has worked as a major multi-operational port in the whole province. The port has wider road links with the rest of the gulf province, courtesy of its strategic spot outside the gulf. Competent employees act 24/7 to give smooth services. The port is furnished with paved storage for over 30,000 TEUs. The seaport manages an array of cargo.

5. Port of Mina Zayed 

Port of Mina Zayed is situated in Abu Dhabi and was named after the country’s founding father. The port has worked as one of the major sea ports in Abu Dhabi for over 40 years and has become one of the historic leaders in the maritime sector. Where the port of Jebel Ali is one of the biggest manmade harbors, this port is one of the largest commercial ports in the Abu Dhabi emirate with the capability to hold around 10 oceangoing vessels at a time.

As per the currently gathered information, the port of Mina Zayed has obtained the states of cruise tourism from the major regional center as well as being a general and heavy cargo services loader.

6. Port of Ras Al Khaimah 

The port is among the most furnished and amazing ports in the country. This works as a crucial point for linking leading international ports, featuring the movement of a range of cargo – both hefty and general. This is among the major shipping points for the import of formation tools into the emirate. The port also gives services such as warehousing, ship repair, cruise services, anchorage, and marine.

7. Mina Rashid Port 

The Mina Rashid Port is a manmade, cruise terminal that was formed in the first commercial port of Dubai. In 2018, the commercial dealings moved to the Mina Rashid port of Dubai and the port of Jebel Ali began to work as a seafront coastal location.

The coastal location allured travelers as it became a tourist cruise spot and the residential location also works as a permanent house of Queen Elizabeth II. This Dubai port has proximity to the Dubai Maritime City and the Drydocks World Dubai.  

The Mina Rashid Port is popular to have got the prestigious protection certificate of superiority by International Maritime Security as well as being certified by ISO-9002 accreditation. This also has been voted as the leading deluxe port across the Middle East for the previous 8 years in a poll.

8. Mina Khalid Port 

Mina Khalid Port is home to the 3 best deep-water harbors in the country and is run under the Seaports Departments as well as Hamriyah. The port gives cold stores, heavy cargo, reefer storage zones, and recently run 33 multi-purpose berths. The port gives a spacious amount of storage for cargo and since its formation, the Mina Khalid Port has constantly modernized its features and services.

If Mina Khalid port works as a multipurpose port because it is a crucial entry port into the industrial center of the country. The port comprises 2 cold stores on the dockside and is furnished with oil support and offshore.

9. Khor Fakkan 

Port of Khor Fakkan is one of the world’s major container transshipment sea ports in UAE. This is handled by the same maintenance as Mina Khalid Port and works as a simple open-sea entry where cargo container is managed by ship-to-shoe gantry cranes. The port also facilitates a natural deep-water harbor waterway working as a cruise ship port also.

The authority of Khor Fakkan maintains serving on methods to enhance the worker talent and the working atmosphere for creating the port the major one of the world.

10. Musaffah Port 

This seaport is the 2nd oldest seaport in Abu Dhabi. This is a deep-water harbor that operates with the 53 km Musaffah Channel. This port gives a passable channel through which the port is presently connected to the Persian Gulf.

Musaffah is a predominantly industrial zone, and the same goes for the port. The port face is lined with factories and industries. The port has modern facilities to manage different cargo vessels inbound. This can manage solid bulk, general shipment, Breakbulk, and ro-ro ships.  

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