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Dubai has one of the world’s largest ex-pat populations. There are ex-pats from more than one hundred countries living here. Many people come and go from Dubai or move here to settle. Their belongings need to be moved as well. Car shipping Dubai is a concern for many of them. So it is vital to hire best car shipping company in Dubai, UAE.

Are you interested in shipping your car to Dubai with a professional company? We specialize in Car shipping from Dubai worldwide, as well as shipping cars internationally to Dubai. No matter how you need to ship your favorite car for a vacation or permanently relocate, we are experts who will handle all procedures according to your needs. Whatever kind of car you have, our professionals ensure that every step is taken since you hand over the keys, whether it be lashing in the aircraft for air freight or lashing in the container for sea freight, we ensure the car has been delivered with the utmost care.

Moving a vehicle or shipping a car across countries can be difficult. Cars need to be handled carefully, lashed, and crated as necessary. Professional operations are capable of handling any kind of vehicle lashing and packing.

When shipping cars across borders, it is extremely important to understand the customs and documentation requirements, along with any applicable duties and taxes. We can provide comprehensive guidance on that part and ensure we set the right expectations so there are no surprises on the other end.

Whether we are shipping cars, making sure your shipment is cleared at the destination, or finding the top international moving companies, we, at SAG logistic, strive to provide you with the best experience. Based on our experience in the industry and customer feedback, we have streamlined the process to provide service of the highest quality with guaranteed customer satisfaction. With our professional workforce, industry experts, and cutting-edge concepts, we can deliver safe and reliable products around the globe.

Car shipping experts in ports around the globe have in-depth knowledge of the complexities of international moving or car shipping. Our experts of car shipping UAE will help you with taxation, customs clearance, packaging, insurance, and more. Customers receive free consultations and are guided through the shipping process.

In addition to offering fair prices and a wide range of services, we make international moving and car shipping easier than ever, whether you are shipping cars, household goods, boats and yachts, motorbikes, heavy equipment, or oversized cargo or freight.

There are several resources available on our website that can reduce the hassle of shipping. You can rely on our professionals to conduct a survey at your residence anywhere in the UAE to determine how much space you will need for your cargo. When you hire Car Shipping Company in Dubai UAE, you are assured of safety, timely delivery, and security. 

Shipping Luxury Car Shipping Company in Dubai

We specialize in transporting luxury vehicles, classic cars, and racing cars, which are transported according to a customized route from one location to another. Our team manager is committed to meeting your needs and providing personalized services, from planning, documentation, and all the way up until your vehicle arrives at its destination. Air freighted luxury cars can also be transported sea freight in specially prepared containers, depending on the requirements.

Cost-Effective Shipping of Cars

Shipping a car by sea freight container or RoRo ship is the most cost-effective option. A Ro-Ro ship is a huge vessel that carries only vehicles and other heavy equipment, without accommodating any passengers. The same container in which the car is shipped can also be used to ship your personal effects. The container can accommodate one or more cars, according to the container you select.

Documents Required For Shipping A Car From UAE

  • Original Export Certificate, RTA/Police Paper
  • Shippers Passport
  • UAE Resident Visa Copy
  • Valid Trade license Copy (If company)

Modes of car shipping:

Car Shipping In Air Freight :-

Car Shipping In Air Freight

Luxury car shipping by air to Dubai :- You should ship your car by air freight since it is the fastest method. We have been shipping cars in the UAE for more than a decade specializing in air freight shipping. For bulk requirements, we can chart a whole freighter for you regardless of whether it is a single car or a full truck. Cars are shipped by air across the globe by us. In some circumstances, shipping a car by air can be cost-effective, especially when the vehicle is highly valued.

Car Shipping In Sea Freight :-

Car Shipping In Sea Freight
  • Car Shipping In Dedicated Container

Shipping a car in a dedicated container is an economical and secure way of shipping since your car is secured in a dedicated container, destined for your intended destination. In addition to your personal items, your budget will be benefited from this.

  • Car Shipping In Consolidated Container

Consolidated shipping is more cost-effective if there is more than one car to ship, or if you can combine it with other cars going to the same location. For more information, please contact our customer service department.

Car Shipping In Land Transport

Car Shipping In Land Transport
  • Transporting Cars In Dedicated Land Trucks

Normally, car transportation in land transport occurs when your car needs to be transported to a country within the GCC region. If you need your car transported to a specific address or location, special care can be taken.

  • Car Shipping In Car Carriers

The cheapest way to ship your car to GCC countries is in a car carrier. As your car will be transported with many other cars in a heavy-duty truck, you will be transported in a special vehicle designed to transport a heavy truck.

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